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Terms and Conditions

By submitting your order you agree to be legally bound by all of Imagers' terms and conditions.

All orders are subject to review by Imagers to ensure all information provided is correct and deadlines are feasible. If you are using our printed order forms, your signature is required to authorize the work specified on the order form and to guarantee payment upon completion or within the terms of Imagers' payment policies.

By agreeing to these terms, you assert you have the legal right or license authorizing the requested reproduction or digitization. If you place an online order you must click an "Accept" button which constitutes a signature accepting these terms.

Turnaround Times

Turnaround time begins when files are uploaded or delivered but starts over if you have not prepared your files correctly and/or included the required support files. "Completion time" does not include additional time required for delivery to your site.

Our goal is to never miss a deadline. We will go to extraordinary effort to make your deadline. However, Imagers does not warrant or intend that our production times are contractual. Clients agree to these terms by submission of their job.

Call to confirm turnaround time for production of large orders.

Canceling an Order

If you cancel a job in progress, Imagers will charge you for the work that has been completed. Cancellation or changes to an order must be provided in writing, verbal instructions are not accepted.


Limits of Liability :
Presentation Services, Inc. DBA SlideImagers or Imagers or SlideMakers will exercise reasonable care with materials entrusted to us. Submitting your work to us constitutes an agreement by you with us that if such materials are damaged or lost by us, or that we fail to meet your job deadlines for any reason, that we assume no liability for any damages or consequences suffered by you. Items of value or the actual production project sent by the customer should always have the necessary insurance to cover any such occurrences.

Imagers must have legally binding permission to duplicate, digitize or reproduce materials that are marked, known, or suspected of being protected by copyright.

The customer also assumes all liability under current "copyright laws" and under any and all other statutes arising from the performance of Presentation Services, Inc. of any services for the account of the customer, and by submission of job agrees to indemnify and hold Presentation Services, Inc. free and harmless of all suits, claims, damages, and other liability and expense which may arise directly or indirectly out of or by reason of services performed by Presentation Services, Inc. for the customer.