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Payment Terms

All jobs must have payment terms agreed upon at the time the order is placed (except when your order is charged to an approved open account). The customer agrees, by submitting the job, to be bound by all of Imagers terms and conditions.

Credit Card:
Imagers accepts payment by VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Open Account:
Net, due upon receipt of invoice. Request a credit application for account status. Allow two weeks for review. Any agreement to extend credit is at the discretion of Imagers management.

Continued open account status is contingent upon timely payment of our invoices. If we have to constantly call you for payment, your account status will be canceled and no further work will be done until past due balances are satisfied. We try to accommodate our customers but this area is not really subject to negotiation.

Other Payment Methods:
Must be approved by Imagers management. This includes personal checks or company checks from clients not on account.