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File Preparation

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File Setup

Supply native files from any supported software. We support all major Mac and Windows software packages (view the pages for the specific output you need for a supported software list)

Reference the appropriate section for the output you require before preparing your file to ensure proper output. Our support specialists will offer further guidance on setting up your files if needed.


File Organization

Send only the files needed to output your job.

Organize your files into folders as follows:
  • Output File(s)
  • Fonts
  • Support Graphics
  • Personal / Ignore (if needed)


Supported Media

  • USB
  • Portable Harddrive
  • CD/DVD


File size and color choices

Reference our device guidelines for resolution and color mode requirements for all of our output devices.

If your graphics do not exceed suggested dpi requirements, no additional meg charges will apply. Excessive resolution (beyond that recommended) results in larger files that take longer to print with little or no visual improvement in print quality.

Additional meg charges, if applicable, are $2.50 per meg. Extra turnaround time may be required for large jobs.


Making Changes

Any change to an order in process will cause the job to be delayed. If you must make a change, call to confirm the change is possible. Any change must be in written form.


Font usage

To ensure font substitutions do not occur, supply all fonts used in your document.

Mac users should supply both printer and screen font files for any PostScript font. OpenType and Truetype fonts have one font file.

Windows users should supply .pfm and .pfb font files for each font if PostScript, .ttf files for Truetype fonts, or .otf files for OpenType. PostScript fonts are generally stored on top of the hard drive in a directory named psfonts. Other fonts are usually stored in the windows/fonts directory.

Multiple master fonts are NOT supported. These fonts have been discontinued by Adobe and are unreliable for the printing of your file.


Order Checklist

Reference our order checklist to make sure you have included all elements necessary for output. We highly recommend using the "Collect for Output" feature available in many software packages.


Uploading Files

File upload options are integrated into our online ordering process. Choose "Sending Job by Internet" during the online order process. Complete the online form and follow the directions for uploading your file.

You will receive an email of your order form. You will then receive another email after your upload completes to report the status of your upload.

We also have a send files area (accessible in the top nav bar from any page on our site). Your order tracking number and the email address for your order are required to use the send files option.